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                        Anders Rosenquist


     The Law Firm of Rosenquist & Associates is headed by Anders Rosenquist. Mr. Rosenquist has practiced criminal law for over 40 years, in State and Federal Courts. He has been a State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist, since the certification was created. He has been a member of the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Appellate Panel for over 15 years. (Panel members are assigned to handle appeals to the 9th Circuit, by the 9th Circuit). He has handled over 3000 felony cases, with over 500 of them being jury trials. He has handled every type of criminal case. Besides Arrizona, he has handled felony cases in 6 other States: California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Florida, and Missouri. Mr. Rosenquist's has a flawless record of no disciplinary actions.   


     Mr. Rosenquist's Law Firm specializes in Criminal Appeals. His practice is limited to State Post-Conviction-Relief (Rule 32) Petitions, and Federal Habeas Corpus Petitions, and their appeals. These are the final appeal, after a Direct Appeal has been denied. These appeals involve the re-examination and re-investigation of the entire case, to find errors and/or misconduct that was not raised or could not be raised in the 'Direct Appeal'. Errors involving the defense attorney, police, prosecutor, or judge.     


Mr. Rosenquist will provide a FREE telophonic consultation with Attorneys or Individuals, concerning a person who is serving a term in prison. Hwill consult with the person in prison for a set fee.


However, it is understood the consulation or visitation will not be construed as Mr. Rosenquist representing the person in prison, until a written Retainer Agreement is executed. 


For a consultation please call 480-861-7115