Mr.. Rosenquist completed high school and military service, and graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology, and a minor in Engineering.


Mr. Rosenquist worked for several years as a claims representative for Farmers Insurance. He then attended Arizona State University College of Law. During law school he became a member of 'Law Review,' (A group of students that write articles for publication in the Law School’s National Journal).


While a student in law school, Mr. Rosenquist took a number of courses in the Masters of Business Administration program, at Arizona State University, to supplement his legal education.


Mr. Rosenquist received his license to practice law, and started working for the Maricopa County Attorneys Office, where he prosecuted all types of felony cases.


Mr. Rosenquist eventually left the prosecutor’s office and became a member of the newly established 'Criminal Code Commission,' which was charged with rewriting the entire criminal code of the State of Arizona. He was one of three attorneys who composed the Commission. The Commission was headed by State Senator Sandra Day O’Connor, retired United States Supreme Court Justice.


Mr. Rosenquist eventually left the Commission and joined the Maricopa County Public Defenders Office, which at that time was considered the best criminal defense firm in the State, even though it was a government agency. He eventually became a senior trial attorney, where he handled the most serious and diffecult cases. At one time Mr. Rosenquist succeeded in getting eight straight 'not guilty' jury verdicts.


While a Public Defender, Mr. Rosenquist taught Business Law, part-time, at Arizona State University Collegeof Business.


Mr. Rosenquist left the Public Defender’s Office after eight years, and started his own criminal defense firm. His firm has been established for over thirty years. During this time he has defended every type of criminal case, from death penalty to complex white collar crimes; and has represented defendant's charged with serious crimes, in six other States: California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Florida, and Missouri.